The project FARMER is a study into European best practices for recruiting and retaining students to the agricultural sector. We are facing major challenges regarding recruiting, environmental issues and climate change, social development and digitalization along with rapid technological development. These changes require new skills from the educators implementing a greening in the curriculum to support students on their vocational education and training path. The project will work on the development of teachers’ work in supporting students cross-cutting skills within the scope of sustainability and future needs, and the understanding of how to use pedagogical and didactic methods as a too, to increase the attractiveness of vocational education and training in the agricultural sector.


  • Belgium: Kogeka 7
  • Denmark: Asmildkloster Landbrugsskole 
  • Denmark: FN17 Business
  • Finland: Lapland University of Vocational School LTD
  • France: Center for professional agricultural training In Perigord
  • Italy: Association Traning job placement in small and medium companies
  • Croatia: Agricultural and forestry school, Vinkovci
  • Serbia: Provincial Secretariat for education, regulations, administration and National Minorities - national community
  • Serbia: Secondary Agricultural Nutrition School "Stevan Petrovic Brile
  • Spain: Agricultural Training School d'Amposta