Welcome! As we are based in Denmark our website is in Danish, but we are part of a global movement and have projectpartners in other countries, so we found it best to have a little information in English. We will extend this in time.

FN17 Business center

UN17 Business Center is a center where you can get knowledge, tools, and skills to work with the 17 sustainable development goals. This can happen through sparring between companies, workshops, co-working days, inspirational events, networking, and business processes. Here you get the chance to dive into the SDGs and learn how to work with the SDGs in your company.

Incubator and exploratory

Our UN17 Incubator is about innovation, development, and entrepreneurship. Here the head of incubation at Agro Business Park, Jacob Mogensen, works with the entrepreneurs. The UN17 Incubator is an environment for entrepreneurs who focus on the SDGs in their business strategy.


The UN17 Exploratory is about dissemination, inspiration, and motivation. It is our inspirations platform, where we tell real stories and cases from companies and projects that support the SDGs. It is our mission to distribute inspiration and motivation to begin the journey, for more companies, to work with the SDGs.

Partnerships and advisors

UN17 Business has been established and is run in a unique and broad partnership between private companies, business promoters and public institutions. This way UN17 Business works with goal 17 – Partnerships for the goals. At the moment UN17 Business has 8 partners. See our partners here.


UN17 Business works with a number of advisors to help companies reach their sustainability goals. You can check out the companies here.

Stine Damborg

General manager UN17 Business


Tel. +45 2442 4044